Quality & Safety

We set in application Strict international rules for quality
and hygiene of raw materials that we follow in the productive procedure.


The stability and quality of the products we produce is our main concern. We apply strict international rules for the quality and hygiene of the raw materials we follow in the production process.
We check our suppliers from abroad and domestically and they give us the certifications they have and the quality assurance rules they follow.
The policy of Korakakis Must is to apply and maintain the specifications in each product produced, following exactly the standards imposed by the certification of quality and food hygiene EN ISO 22000: 2005. The constant control of the production unit eliminates the case of error. The modern environment and the specialized human resources of the company contribute to the stability of the products from the raw material we will procure, the production process we follow, the distribution, the delivery to our customers, and finally, the know-how we provide for the preparation of the final product.The production areas of the products, the storage areas of the raw materials we procure, the storage areas of the produced products, and the distribution cars of the company are checked daily for their temperature, humidity and cleanliness. This way we ensure the hygiene, stability and maximization of the performance of our products.The products we produce reflect the quality, stability, professionalism of our company. People, rules have stable performance and quality that meet the requirements of our customers and allows them to create the final product they desire, without worrying about the raw materials we supply them.
The image of our company is the products we produce. Our people, from whatever position they are, demonstrate professionalism, passion and love for our company and our products. The result of this collective work with a common goal and vision, is to offer products of guaranteed quality, high value, stable performance and usefulness to our customers.The dedication of our customers gives us impetus and strengthens the sense of responsibility towards them, to produce products that will add value, increase variety and be easy to use, to continue to be the first choice to creators and professionals in the industry.

Georgios Korakakis

Όραμα της Korakakis MUST είναι να γίνει μία επιχείρηση με ηγετική θέση στην ελληνική αγορά και το όνομά της να καταστεί συνώνυμο της υψηλής ποιότητας σε Αρτοποιεία - Ζαχαροπλαστική - Βιομ. Τροφίμων - HO.RE.CA.


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