KORAKAKIS MUST was founded in 1996 by George N. Korakakis.

Our company operates in the production and marketing of raw materials for large and small food industries and workshops, bakeries, patisseries, hotels, catering.

Expanding fast and steadily, we are in close contact with our associates in order to cover all the needs of their production unit.

They are assured of the quality, stability and reliability of our products.

We offer our associates the good services of chefs, bakers, confectioners and other professionals in the field of food production as well as new technological advances and quality raw materials for their creations.

We are known for our consistency in meeting the requirements of our associates and  our high responsibility towards consumers.

We are certified by ISO “EN ISO 22000: 2005” and we are constantly developing new innovative products that will satisfy the creative needs of our associates.

Our vision :
the products we offer our associates
must satisfy themselves and their customers